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The goals of Process Improvement include the elimination of waste and the discovery of the most efficient pathway for each key business process. When implemented correctly, effective processes achieve measurable gains in productivity, quality, employee morale and customer satisfaction.

At IRI Consultants, we use tools embedded in Lean, Six Sigma, PDCA and other recognized quality initiatives to help clients launch and manage Process Improvement activities. Whether we provide training and coaching on how to use the tools as a first-time introduction or reinforce training previously provided, we focus on the real work in the client’s facility. Through this focus, employees and their managers conclude their work with us with a real Process Improvement project launched and on the way to success.

Our Process Improvement work is typically supported by our Organizational Behavior Change Assessment Model, a roadmap to organizational and individual change that helps leaders navigate the multitude of expected and unexpected organizational and human barriers to a successful Process Improvement initiative.

We work collaboratively with clients to focus on key Process Improvement elements by:

  • Determining goals and objectives of the Process Improvement initiative based on internal or external measurable customer requirements
  • Using the existing process as a starting point, identifying what about the process is not supporting customer requirements
  • Identifying areas of improvement in the existing processes through data collection and analysis
  • Creating a revised process model that better meets customer requirements
  • Conducting a risk analysis on the revised process to ensure that changes will provide the anticipated gains
  • Identifying tasks, resources, roles, timelines and guidelines to make process changes
  • Creating a project plan focused on successful implementation and supporting the plan where appropriate

IRI has significant experience across industries – from product manufacturers to service providers – helping organizations identify the best method for launching a Process Improvement initiative. The result is a refined process that aligns with organizational goals, values, cultures and current competitive and operational demands. Our work has helped clients improve financial performance, customer satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, and has led to them earning recognition such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

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