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Rapid Resolution

In most organizations, change comes only with difficulty and a long road to adoption. Employee surveys, intervention programs and other organizational development tools take time to research and implement. Yet in many cases, a performance issue or operational adjustment requires immediate attention and action.

Fastrack Teamssm is a rapid resolution process that provides measurement-driven results in a compressed timeframe and within a clearly delineated budget. Fastrack Teamssm offers a powerful change process that examines a specific, urgent issue and helps organizations implement timely corrective action.

The key ingredient in the process is tapping into the right people in the organization who can assess the situation, explore the issues and implement solutions quickly and effectively.

Why Use Fastrack Teamssm?

Fastrack Teamssm is the ideal intervention process to:

  • Solve persistent problems
  • Reduce staff anxiety and dissatisfaction
  • Assemble productive, goal-oriented teams
  • Achieve measurement-driven results in a condensed timeframe

What to Expect

Fastrack Teamssm provides immediate results, allowing organizations to make a high-level commitment to action and involve and engage employees along the way – one of the most effective ways to ensure employee buy-in and improve results. The process is appropriate for small groups of 8 to 12 members, including managers and employees.

Fastrack Teamssm works best when it is sponsored by leaders with the authority to provide resources and remove existing barriers. Members are selected by their role in the organization, their formal or informal power and influence and their ability to make decisions. The group is charged with the task of reviewing a problem and implementing a solution that will enhance the performance of the organization. This empowers the members to create a “must solve” mandate and integrate solutions into their ongoing operations and communicate the change and results.

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