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Change Response Profile and Corresponding Training

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Organizations are in a constant state of flux. Whether change comes from within or outside, leaders must continually manage initiatives to realign the organization with its strategic goals. Even minimal change can bring uncertainty and generate anxiety and resistance among employees. Understanding human behavior – that of managers and team members – helps leaders assess potential obstacles and best determine how to navigate them, and fosters trust so that employees understand and embrace the rationale for change.

The Change Response Profile Self Assessment

IRI’s Change Response Profile is an online survey-based performance assessment tool. It helps leaders and organizations better understand how individual behavior impacts the attitudes and actions of others during change. With this knowledge, employees at all levels of the organization gain valuable insights into the interpersonal dynamics of change and how best to respond to them. Additionally, managers learn how to better communicate change to their employees in a way that enhances acceptance and reduces potential resistance.

The Change Response Profile is based on the knowledge that human behavior is predictable. We interact with our environment and the people in it, and our actions are reinforced through practice and feedback. Over time, these actions become behaviors that reveal observable patterns.

The Change Response Profile enables participants to:

  • Recognize and understand different styles and approaches to navigating change
  • Learn how these differences impact the way people work with each other
  • Learn how to modify their own behavior and influence others during times of change
  • Learn how to work more effectively with others and meet or manage their expectations

As part of the survey process, participants gain valuable insights into the interpersonal dynamics of change and learn how best to leverage these dynamics to help organizations create a successful change experience.

Survey participants receive a comprehensive report that offers insight into their most likely responses to change.Participants also receive guidance about how to increase their comfort and acceptance of change, how to support individual coworkers and employees during change, and how best to contribute to the organization’s success. The sections of the report include:

  • About you as a person
  • About you and change
  • Strategies for self-improvement
  • What others need to know
  • Preparing yourself for change

The confidential survey is based on more than 30 years of social styles research involving more than 250,000 participants in the United States, Europe and Asia. The results do not make inferences about participants’ general skills or ability to perform a job. Instead, they provide a targeted assessment about how the participants interact with others.

Corresponding Training: Leading Others Through The Human Side Of Change

The corresponding training class is a half-day highly interactive hands-on session. It helps leaders understand the impact of change on themselves as well as the people they are expected to lead through change. Managers are encouraged to bring with them a description of a real change and apply the tools provided in the session to the people who will be impacted by the change.

As a result of participating in this training, managers will be able to:

  • Help their employees understand the relationship between change and stress and respond appropriately to change-induced on-the-job behaviors
  • Use the Change Response Profile as a tool to adjust their communications about a change based on the employees’ need to hear, understand and accept

Use a Change Communication Process to formulate group and one-on-one communications about a change

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