Shared Governance

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Shared Governance is a highly effective tool used in the healthcare industry to promote quality patient care, increase nurse satisfaction and improve retention by providing a forum for improved decision making at the point of service.

IRI has extensive experience helping clients develop Shared Governance programs that promote collaboration among doctors, nurses and the entire patient care team. This teamwork not only encourages professional growth and leadership qualities in nursing, it also taps their collective insight and experience to improve patient care and outcomes.

Hospitals with effective Shared Governance programs experience measurable gains including:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced nurse turnover rates
  • Open communication and collaboration within the patient care team

IRI helps clients establish the guidelines and procedures critical to an effective Shared Governance program, develop goals and benchmarks, select participants and train team members. In addition, we provide coaching and mentoring for managers, supervisors and directors to help ensure the success of the new-shared governance practices.

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