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A Readiness Response Team (RRT) is a multi-disciplinary group of carefully selected leaders who receive in-depth training that prepares them to serve as internal labor relations and communications resources.

The purposes of RRTs are to:

  • Have a more focused awareness of the organization’s employee relations environment
  • Share knowledge and coach peers about union-avoidance techniques
  • Create a central clearinghouse and advisory group about employee relations issues
  • Take part in developing strategies to remedy employee relations issues
  • Serve as an advisory board to the executive team
  • Monitor and manage union organizing efforts and corporate campaign activity
  • Identify training needs and activities
  • Implement “Train-the-Trainer” responsibilities
  • Coordinate campaign information and strategy

RRTs can be deployed in several ways:

  • As a first-responder team that leaps to action at the first sign of union organizing, RRT members will have the skills necessary to support other managers and serve as an organizational resource
  • RRT members are trained to recognize early signs of organizing activity. They can assist in the development of campaign strategy, communications and other educational materials to be provided to management and employees.
  • As skilled, well-trained presenters and facilitators, RRT members may conduct and/or actively participate in “Train-the-Trainer” sessions to deliver labor relations training

In collaboration with clients, IRI helps select RRT members. Generally, teams are comprised of key leaders, managers and supervisors who will be trained by IRI as “internal consultants” and act as a front-line labor and employee relations information resource.

An organization’s RRT will consist of a cross-section of all major healthcare bargaining units and entities, reflecting the overall employee population. Ideally, RRT members will have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience and ease in coaching and facilitation
  • Knowledge of union organizing tactics and collective bargaining matters

Specific subject matter experts in particular areas (e.g. legal, public relations, etc.) also would be represented. RRT members will be required to attend an intensive two-and-one-half day training program to develop a working knowledge of organizing tactics, healthcare industry labor relations issues, and appropriate management roles and responsibilities in minimizing third-party intervention. Training topics and activities include:

  • Introduction to organizational philosophy
  • Current trends
  • Union campaign strategies and tactics
  • Compliance with the National Labor Relations Act
  • Campaign rules and policies
  • Campaign communication
  • Identifying organizational strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Recognizing and responding to early warning signs
  • Management campaign readiness
  • Participating in a mock campaign

Special emphasis is placed on communications skill-building to engage employees in meaningful dialogue regarding third-party representation. Participants will learn:

  • How to respond to questions, comments, or concerns from employees, managers or other RRT members
  • How to initiate conversations with employees

To ensure that the RRT has current information and an opportunity to ask questions, IRI will conduct quarterly labor updates and training sessions.

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