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Supervising under a collective bargaining agreement poses challenges unique to unionized workplaces. To manage effectively, supervisors must understand their rights and responsibilities in their work with represented employees.

Union business and procedures add a significant layer of complexity and challenge to the workplace, with the added costs and burdens of collective bargaining, contract administration, grievances and potential work actions. Therefore, the key to best-practice management is the ability to maintain a clear focus on organizational performance.

Unions routinely train stewards to leverage work rules and legal processes to aggressively represent their members. Your goal is to make sure that supervisors are similarly equipped with a full understanding of the contracts, and the considerations that will allow you to maximize organizational performance and maintain positive employee relations. Targeted training helps managers to not only be more effective in their jobs, but also enlists them as proponents and advocates of the company’s vision and strategic goals.

In addition, supervisors in unionized workplaces must have a baseline knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act and the “Do’s & Don’ts” of managing in a union environment in order to ensure full compliance with labor laws and avoid grievances and unfair labor practices.

Our training and workshops focus on real-world workplace issues, including:

  • The rights of union stewards to attend employee meetings
  • The role of “past practice” in creating precedence that supervisors must follow
  • When employee complaints can be resolved outside the grievance process
  • How to maintain flexibility and productivity when contracts limit an employee’s scope of work
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