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Effective management training is a cornerstone for organizations working to create a comprehensive labor readiness strategy.

IRI Consultants work with clients to train managers and supervisors to identify signs of union organizing and understand their responsibilities to comply with the restrictions and requirements of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

Our training programs are based on our belief that leaders learn best by doing; interactive sessions are part of a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of clients based on the organization’s vulnerabilities and culture.

Training, offered in half-day or full-day sessions, typically include role-playing exercises, small group discussions, a mock union organizing meeting and issue identification exercises. Custom programs also provide in-depth training on federal labor law and educate supervisors about the tactics and techniques unions use in organizing campaigns.

A typical one-day program includes:

  • How to educate employees about union card-signing campaigns
  • Early signs of union activity
  • How unions organize
  • Why employees seek unions
  • Profiles about unions active in your industry
  • How a union contract impacts a supervisor’s role
  • Inside a union organizing meeting and union persuader activities
  • Free speech rights of management during the organizing drive
  • How to eliminate and avoid unfair labor practices
  • A supervisor’s key role in small group meetings and one-on-one discussions
  • How to communicate effectively with employees
  • Building a foundation for positive employee relations

Through programs that simulate a typical union organizing meeting, participants get a realistic look at the approach and messages unions use to influence employees and recruit members.

The program also incorporates simulations and role-playing to illustrate best practices managing in a union environment, reinforcing the burdens on management and importance of legal compliance and positive employee relations.

As unions become more sophisticated in their organizing tactics, organizations must be trained and prepared to respond quickly, correctly and successfully. Supervisors and managers are a critical component of a readiness strategy. An investment in training managers is an investment in the organization’s success.

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