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In many organizations, front-line supervisors come up through the ranks; they do their job exceptionally well, have a positive outlook and strong work ethic, and so are promoted to lead their former peers.

While working at high levels is second nature to new supervisors, leading and motivating others to perform often is not. IRI Consultants offers Effective Supervisor Training to help organizations ensure that job-specific proficiency and leadership skills match, especially those related to managing issues that could cause employees to seek third party representation including a union.

Effective Supervisor Training is a critical component for:

  • Developing high-performing management teams
  • Creating a front-line defense against employees seeking third party representation including the need of union

Effective Supervisor Training is a six-module program that can be delivered consecutively or spread out over time, depending on the organization’s needs. Each three-hour module emphasizes communication and listening skills as being critical to positive employee relations.

Module 1: Influencing Outcomes Through Communication Basics

Enables supervisors to:

  • Recognize and understand behaviors that influence communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Understand communication basics and how different people relate to one another

Module 2: Advanced Communication Skills

Takes Module 1 skills to a more advanced level, with role-playing being a major component. Attendees receive material that provides quick and easy access to information that will help them in their daily workplace interactions.

Module 3: Fostering a Respectful Workplace

Helps supervisors to:

  • Understand the importance of personal responsibility in promoting respect in the workplace
  • Know how cultural intelligence plays a vital role in the effectiveness of supervisors

Module 4 and 5: Coaching for Performance I and II

Motivating employees to meet and exceed expectations is one of a supervisor’s more challenging roles. Supervisor and employee perceptions of performance expectations can be far apart, which can lead to serious workplace misunderstandings. In other cases, the employee may understand their supervisor’s expectations, but is failing to meet them.

Module 4 helps supervisors learn and practice how to:

  • Provide encouraging feedback
  • Provide developmental or corrective feedback
  • Effectively deliver a negative message

In Module 5, an advanced follow-up to Coaching for Performance I, supervisors discuss their assignments and take part in exercises on real-life scenarios.

Module 6: Putting It All Together

Assimilates the content of Modules 1 - 5. It is based on the concept that effective learning is comprised of repeating and reinforcing what has been learned. At the end, supervisors develop an ongoing personal action plan they’ll take back to their jobs.

Individual Coaching

In addition to the six modules of Effective Supervisor Training, IRI also can provide individual coaching sessions with supervisors who require further assistance addressing individual issues and formulating an ongoing personal action plan. This one-on-one work can establish the basis for improving and sustaining leadership skills over the long run. In some instances, arrangements also are made for subsequent individual phone coaching sessions.

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