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Strategic Communications Planning

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IRI Consultants offers a complete range of strategic communications services. Our seasoned communications consultants bring experience from newsrooms, public relations firms and corporate communications to help clients develop and implement successful communications plans.

We work with organizational leaders and subject-matter experts to educate and inform key audiences and gauge your internal communication capabilities and capacities.

We don’t adopt a one-size-fits all approach; instead we provide comprehensive communications strategies that leverage multiple tools. These include:

Organizational Communications Audits

A formal assessment of an organization’s ability to communicate key messages, highlight strengths and exploit opportunities for more robust, results-oriented communications that reach key internal and external audiences, including:

  • Employees and internal stakeholders
  • Community leaders
  • Media
  • Legislators and advocacy groups

Communications Messaging and Support

Customized messaging and roll-out plans for critical stakeholders, from managers and employees to elected officials and community leaders.

Business Literacy and Education

Education and communication programs that enhance employee understanding of key issues and economic factors affecting the organization.

Crisis Communications

Communication plans that help organizations assess, anticipate, prepare and respond to controversies, change and critical media coverage.

Community Relations

Outreach designed to develop and deliver strategic, systematic community relations programs to support organizational goals or objectives

News Media Consulting

Communications strategies that leverage the power of news media platforms and electronic communications.

Cascade Communications

Internal communications strategies that encourage a flow of information throughout an organization – from senior executives to supervisors and managers to front- line employees – to create dynamic, two-way dialogue and education.

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