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Is your organization vulnerable to a union organizing campaign? Often, by the time company leaders see the first sign of a union organizing campaign, a union has already spent months researching a target organization and mapping an attack strategy. Preparation is an organization’s key to effective campaign management as unions typically target the most vulnerable and unprepared organizations.

IRI Consultants can help you identify your union vulnerabilities and develop an action plan to address challenges and weaknesses before they become a liability.

One of the most important and useful tools for companies facing union organizing efforts is a comprehensive analysis designed to identify areas of employee dissatisfaction and help leaders address important issues, communicate effectively and respond successfully.

The Union Vulnerability Assessment is a diagnostic process that explores 7 key areas often exploited by unions in organizing drives, and reviews an organization’s strengths and liabilities. The assessment evaluates existing pay and benefits, communications, employee voice, workload, supervision/management, job security and the policies and procedures that govern the workplace.

Using surveys and confidential interviews with the organization’s key executives and managers, the assessment provides clients important information about their employees – their views of the organization, their views about a union and the perceptions and opinions that will determine how vulnerable the organization is to union organizing.

Depending on client needs, the assessment can be customized to include a broad range of questions with data analyzed by an employee group, department or other category to help managers identify problems and establish priorities for the organization or a smaller entity.

A full understanding of workplace issues is vital to creating and maintaining a satisfied workforce. Seizing the opportunity to address problems before a union can exploit them is vital to creating a workplace environment in which employees feel no need to join a union.

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