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Positive Employee Relations Audit

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Positive employee relations create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by promoting employee retention and improving organizational performance.

IRI Consultants' Positive Employee Relations Audit (PERA) was developed over several years based upon our work in labor relations. Grounded in the premise that positive employee relationships can reduce employee dissatisfaction and increase organizational effectiveness, the PERA process gauges clients' strengths and liabilities with regard to employee turnover, performance, work attitudes, absenteeism and union organizing efforts.

At its most basic level, the PERA provides an efficient and dynamic organizational "gap analysis" to evaluate and diagnose the strength of a company's employee relations culture and systems. PERA can be administered over the course of three to four weeks, depending upon the size of the organization, its number of functions, hours of operation and the level of client support.

The PERA Process

PERA produces a snapshot of specific organizational components and compares them to best practices and structures that help develop and maintain positive employee relationships. Where possible, the system also produces metrics to monitor and manage systems that produce quality employee relationships.

PERA looks specifically at human resources policies and practices, compensation and benefits, management development, working conditions and organizational communications in producing results.

The PERA snapshot is then carefully assembled using a comprehensive range of data and information, including the following:

  • Management interviews
  • Document review
  • Evaluation of organizational measurements, including employee turnover, management training levels and benefit utilization
  • Analysis of organizational communications
  • Union organizing vulnerability
  • Employee perceptions

The Assessment

PERA findings provide a thorough evaluation and report based on the strength of employee relations, looking at interrelationships in the organization and identifying opportunities for improvement. The report also includes a timeline, communication plan and, where possible, metrics for ongoing monitoring and review of the employee relations support systems.

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