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Dating back to the 1970s, organized labor has used corporate campaigns to wage long-term economic, political and psychological warfare against businesses they were trying to organize. For years, they were used primarily when traditional methods failed. If employees weren’t receptive to a union’s pitch, for example, the union launched a corporate campaign against the employer to make its work easier.

Increasingly, however, union organizers are using a hybrid approach; corporate campaign tactics are used alongside traditional organizing to add speed and strength to the process.

By repeatedly attacking a business’ reputation and undermining public confidence and stakeholder relationships, the union pressures management to yield to its demands. These include greater access to employees in the workplace, forcing management to replace an election with a card-check process, or agreeing to a neutrality or “fair election” agreement that restricts an employer’s ability to communicate with employees about union issues.

A company’s ability to withstand years-long, well-organized corporate campaign attacks is linked directly to the strength and success of its communications efforts. Because corporate campaigns are mostly fought in the news media and with community activism, targeted companies must be well-prepared, agile, pro-active, credible and confident in communicating about the organization.

IRI’s Corporate Campaign Vulnerability Assessments provide an issue- by-issue portrait of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of its adversaries. It provides an objective review of the role that local legislators, community and religious leaders, the media and other stakeholders may play, as both potential supporters and opponents. The assessment process identifies organizational weaknesses that should be addressed.

IRI’s assessment enables clients to understand their risks and identify proven prevention and mitigation strategies. Our process includes:

  • Interviews with key executives, managers and staff with leadership responsibilities in operations, billing and collections, charity care, communications, finance, compliance, legal and human resources
  • A review of internal and external materials
  • Research about unions that are active in the region
  • An assessment of the organization’s external communications process and reputational strength as gauged by media coverage and community standing

Clients receive comprehensive reports and executive presentations that include recommendations for developing and deploying strategic communications and outreach initiatives to rally employees, reassure potential critics and build support in the community.

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