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In most organizations, Human Resources (HR) skillfully executes policies and procedures but often misses opportunities to drive results. Advanced Analytics helps HR professionals by enhancing the surveys, assessments, and tracking tools you use and linking them directly to key metrics. These metrics include revenues, productivity, safety, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The right tools and analytics help ensure HR can bring solutions to the table with proven impact on an employer’s core measures and the bottom-line.

Importantly, our analytics tools allow you to deliver tactical data directly to key leaders, from those who run entire operations to those responsible for a single unit, providing useful guidance into where they should focus their efforts and resources. With these tools, leaders get a clear blueprint of opportunities that will drive outcomes and offer a real return on HR investments, initially and over time.

How can analytics-driven tools and services help you?

Drive Organizational Outcomes

  • Show leaders at all levels the areas where they should focus to have the greatest impact on performance and financial outcomes
  • Demonstrate the direct business impact of HR assessments, including 360° assessments and surveys
  • Customize action planning tools to leverage your development investments, including learning management systems
  • Prioritize interventions and initiatives most likely to produce a return on investment

Evidence Based Selling SkillsNumbers indicate development priority based on the magnitude of the relationship with scrip writing and market share.

Deliver Critical Data

  • Create an HR strategy and metrics based on an organization’s business drivers and objectives rather “flavor-of-the-month” techniques
  • Demonstrate to executive leaders the direct business impact and investment return of your initiatives
  • Leverage your HR data to maximize business results from “hire-to-retire” with a focus on competencies, interview tools, onboarding surveys, employee surveys, career assessment, leadership development, succession planning and exit surveys

Use Employee Surveys To Drive Business Results

  • Uncover the key drivers of business outcomes using analytics instead of benchmark scores
  • Leverage survey data to identify opportunities for training and development
  • Provide managers with analytics and customized development opportunities using our Employee Survey Heat Maps

Reduce Turnover

  • Develop a competency-based, structured approach to hiring
  • Uncover key drivers of turnover during the onboarding process
  • Analyze turnover risk by identifying areas in your work environment that cause people to leave
  • Design exit surveys that integrate onboarding analytics and employee survey analytics to get the full picture of why people leave

Process for Reducing Turnover

Monitor Labor Productivity And Performance

  • Provide Performance Scorecards for individuals and departments across the organization
  • Create a Performance Review grid through analytics that uncover the key drivers of performance

Develop Leaders

  • Assess your current bench strength and build talent pools based on actual business drivers
  • Build competency models that have a proven business impact to identify appropriate skills for specific leadership positions
  • Use 360º assessments to show leaders the competencies and behaviors that have the greatest business impact and guide them in setting priorities in their development plans
  • Provide career mapping to direct high-performers and promote their success
  • Provide career assessments through our career ADVICE framework (Assess & Develop with Values, Interests, Competencies, and Experiences) to understand the interests of your high-performers and build the strongest leadership team
  • Encourage successful succession planning to make talent decisions based on leaders performance on key business drivers

IRI Consultants partnered with SMD, the leader in predictive analytics for employee assessments, to form IRI Analytics. IRI Analytics is the only provider of patented analytics technology for healthcare organizations
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