Who We Are

IRI Consultants helps organizations implement best practices to improve employee job satisfaction, enhance workplace productivity, and implement effective communication strategies.

Founded in 1979, we have three practice areas: organization effectiveness, labor and employee relations, and corporate communications.


A human capital agenda that matches strategic business objectives can account for nearly half of business performance. Our OE practice is especially effective in situations where there is a gap between current performance and best practices, and the organization wants to bring the two into alignment.

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IRI's Labor and Employee Relations services help you promote positive employee relations while navigating a rapidly changing labor landscape. We use a broad-based, holistic approach that extends beyond traditional labor relations consulting to provide a full range of tools to help you build and maintain a strong, constructive relationship with your employees.

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High-quality communications help organizations perform better, enjoy greater customer satisfaction and a more engaged, loyal work force. IRI offers proven communications tools and customized strategic communications plans to help organizations communicate more effectively with their employees and with key stakeholders in the community.

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